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Dog Licence Application

All dogs must be licensed every year with the District. Having a dog licence will help protect your dog by providing an easy to identify dog tag. If your dog is lost, their tag will be the fastest way to find them. If your dog is found unlicensed you will be issued a ticket and a penalty will be incurred.

If you already have a dog licence and you're looking to make a renewal payment, you can submit your payment online

To apply for a new dog licence, you must have a MyDistrict account. . Follow these steps to create an account.

  • Click here to register for a MyDistrict account. Review the following steps, then click the CONTINUE button below to proceed with the application.

In addition to your MyDistrict Account, you will need the following to register your dog for the first time:

  • Your dog's name, breed, colour, and sex
  • If your dog is spayed or neutered, you will need to have your Spay/Neuter Certificate from your veterinarian ready to attach to receive the discount rate

Applications for some dogs must be completed in person or by mail.

  • BC Guide and Service Dog
  • Police Dog
  • Dog deemed guard, aggressive, vicious or dangerous

Please notify the District when your contact information has changed, you have moved or no longer have a dog

For any questions, please contact Dog Licensing at [email protected] or 604-925-7152

A false declaration made on this application will deem the Dog Licence to be invalid.

Once your dog is licensed, we’ll send you a renewal notice each year.